Advantages of Maltese Registration

Why Do Business in Malta?

Malta is a politically stable, highly-regulated EU jurisdiction, in a convenient location in Europe, close to Africa and the Middle East. Its workforce is skilled, cost-effective and multi-lingual, with English being an official language. Operational costs are generally between half and two-thirds of those elsewhere in Europe and the industrial relations record is strong. Malta has a strong body of professional legal and financial expertise, with its financial sector consistently ranked amongst the soundest in the world. All legislation is written in both English and Maltese.

Aircraft Registration in Malta

Malta has a clear strategic political vision and national policy supporting business, the aviation industry and its clusters. The know-how that has made Malta’s shipping registry a success is now being applied to the aircraft registry. Malta’s National Aircraft Register is all-inclusive in that it integrates the aircraft and mortgage registers. Therefore details as to ownership, technical information and third party rights over the aircraft and its engines are available in the same place, which enhances the visibility of rights. There is a well-established legal infrastructure which is sensitive to the rights of those holding security interests in aircraft and it also has a mature law on trusts. There is an attractive fiscal regime for aviation business and aircraft registration in Malta, which is further detailed under the Fiscal Benefits and Double Tax Treaties section of this site. Eligibility rules for registration are broad in that citizens of the EU, the EAA or Switzerland, having a place of residence or business in any of these places, can register any aircraft in Malta without the need for local agent. For an international registrant registering private aircraft, no local directors/shareholders are required: only a resident agent is needed. Malta’s Aircraft Registration Act, 2010 also allows for recognition of fractional ownership and the registration of aircraft which are still under construction, provided that it is uniquely identifiable.

Holding and Operating Your Aircraft in Malta

There is a wide range of airline services available in Malta, ranging from aircraft and engine maintenance, repair and overhaul to software development, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance training and ancillary support services. Safety and security standards are of the highest level: Malta is an EASA certified state and has an FAA Category 1 rating. Being an EU member state, Maltese registered aircraft have freedom of movement within all EU countries, both on international and internal flights. There is also has a good network of Air Services Agreements, facilitating air traffic between different countries.

The Cape Town Convention

Malta was one of the first European states to ratify the Cape Town Convention. Being a Convention State offers many advantages to the parties involved in registering aircraft in Malta. The Convention allows for the enhanced visibility of rights, via the International Registry and provides strong remedies to creditors in the event of default. This gives comfort to financiers in cross-border transactions, and as a result, debtors situated in Malta can avail of a reduction on their borrowing costs, known as the “Cape Town discount”.