Guide to Obtaining an AOC in Malta


The Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)

Aircraft Corporate Services is proud to be a leading provider of services to both local and international clients that wish to obtain an Air Operator Certificate. Our services enable the process to be as smooth and efficient as possible. We realise that every application for a Maltese AOC and situation is different, which is why we ensure that we work closely with you to achieve your specific requirements and needs.

If you would like ACS to assist and complete your application process, please contact us to discuss your situation. We will be pleased to offer a confidential and tailored solution to your situation and any other aviation related needs that you may have to bring about the fastest and most efficient solution possible. When the combination of a tax advantaged jurisdiction is added to our competitive fee structure, it is possible to arrange your AOC Malta for an affordable price.

Malta is a particularly advantageous jurisdiction in which to obtain an AOC, for the following reasons:

  • Maltese-registered Air Operator’s Certificates1 have the benefit of not being subject to VAT charges;
  • Because Malta is an EU2 member state, a Maltese registered vessel has freedom of movement within the EU countries both on international and internal flights;
  • Enhanced visibility of rights in aircraft: Malta has an all-inclusive National Aircraft Register which integrates the aircraft and mortgage registers. Therefore details as to ownership, technical information and third party rights over the aircraft and its engines are available in the same place;
  • Malta has an attractive fiscal regime and a very competitive scheme of charges for AOCs;
  • There are a wide range of airline services available, ranging from aircraft and engine maintenance, repair and overhaul to software development, aircraft management, aviation related maintenance training and ancillary support services;
  • Malta adheres to the highest standards of safety and security: Malta is an EASA certified state and has an FAA Category 1 rating;
  • Malta is a Cape Town Convention State, thereby enabling debtors registering their aircraft in Malta to be entitled to a reduction on their borrowing costs (the “Cape Town discount”);
  • All legislation is written in both English and Maltese;
  • Malta has an efficient, skilled, cost-effective multi-lingual workforce, with English being an official language. Operational costs are generally between half and two-thirds of those elsewhere in Europe and its industrial relations record is strong;



Guide to Obtaining an AOC in Malta

Maltese AOC’s are issued on the basis of Annex III to the Regulation (EC) 3922/1991, as amended:  EU-OPS for aeroplanes and JAR-OPS 3 for helicopters. The time frame for issuance is usually three months, if all the supporting documents are in order.

AOC applicants must adhere to the CAD rules, as set out in the Operations Advisory Notice No. 02/10 “Guidance To Operators Planning To Commence An Air Service”. Under these rules, an applicant:

a.           May not hold an AOC issued by another Authority unless specifically approved by the Authorities concerned;

b.           Must have his principal place of business and, if any, his registered office located in the State responsible for issuing the AOC;

c.           Must satisfy the Authority that he is able to conduct safe operations.

The operator must satisfy the CAD that its organisation and management are suitable and properly matched to the scale and scope of the operations, and procedures for the supervision of the operations have been defined. The specific requirements are detailed in the Operations Advisory Notice No. 02/10.


Fee schedule for the issue of an AOC

The applicant shall pay, depending on the maximum total weight authorised of the heaviest vessel listed in the Air Operator’s Certificate, the following fees:

First issue of an AOC Subsequent issue
If the aircraft with the highest MTWA does not exceed 1,500 kg €698.81 €349.41
If the aircraft with the highest MTWA exceeds 1,500 kg but does not exceed 4,000 kg €1,164.69 €582.34
If the aircraft with the highest MTWA exceeds 4,000 kg but does not exceed 15,000 kg €11,646.87 €5,823.43
If the aircraft with the highest MTWA exceeds 15,000 kg but does not exceed 50,000 kg €23,293.73 €11,646.87
If the aircraft with the highest MTWA exceeds 50,000 kg €46,587.47 €23,293.73

* Upon making an application for the first issue of a Maltese AOC, the applicant shall pay a down-payment of 25% of the charge which shall be forfeited by the applicant if the application is withdrawn.



The Air Operating Licence (AOL)

AOC holders must also possess an AOL. This application will include the admission of certain financial information and projections, as detailed in the application form available from the CAD “Application For An Air Operating Licence Or For A Route Approval” (FORM TM/CAD/0062 Issue 1).

Fee schedule for the issue of an AOL
Maximum authorised seating capacity                 Initial issue fee                    Annual fee
Less than 20 seats €1,397.62            €465.87
More than 20 seats but less than 49 seats €2,329.37            €1,397.62
More than 50 seats but less than 99 seats €3,494.06 €2,329.37
More than 100 seats but less than 199 seats €5,823.43 €3,494.06
More than 200 seats €8,152.81 €5,823.43