Temporary Registration of Aircraft, Parking and Charges


Temporary Registration of Aircraft

  • Malta offers an efficient registration service, which allows for a minimum down-time between leases. The typical time frame for registration is 3-5 days, if all documents are in order.
  • There is no minimum time requirement on the register.
  • For aircraft already registered in Europe, inspections may not be necessary. This both speeds up the registration process and cuts out the cost of inspections, which can be cumbersome where travel is involved.
  • Aircraft operators can be approved for RNAV and airspace approvals at the time of registration.
  • Malta is part of the European VAT and Customs regime and is a safe and highly regulated jurisdiction for aircraft registration.
  • Aircraft owners can grant an Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation (IDERA) to a secured party. Transport Malta has the right to issue IDERAs due to Malta’s ratification of the Cape Town Convention.
  • The de-registration process is quick and there is no charge.


Customs Information

There are three options for temporary importation of aircraft:

1. Register the aircraft on a local AOC. This option incurs no VAT for importation of aircraft.

2. The owner of a third country AOC can lodge a declaration with the customs authority for the temporary registration of the aircraft. There is no minimum time limit on the register and no VAT is payable in this instance. In the case of a third country onward processing procedure there is no tax on maintenance.

3. Non-third country owners/operators can request a warehouse authorisation from customs, placing the aircraft under the control of the customs warehouse keeper. Authorisation takes a matter of days. There is no minimum time limit and no VAT due in this instance. There must be a guarantee in place, which amounts to only a fraction of the 18% VAT rate.


Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport was named as the top airport in Europe across all categories for 2011 in the annual ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) passenger survey. This is the second consecutive year it has achieved this ranking.

It is possible to fly to over 70 destinations from Malta International Airport.


Parking Availability

Malta International Airport (M.I.A.) has eight designated aprons/parking areas for aircraft:

  • Apron 1: this is a parking area for General Aviation (light aircraft) of less than 7,000 kgs MTOW. There are12 parking stands in Apron 1 which are normally allocated to locally registered aircraft.
  • Apron 2: this area is for aircraft normally associated with maintenance facilities, though it could also be used by short stay aircraft up to Code C (wingspan of between 24m and 36m) for normal passenger operations. There are 6 parking stands in Apron 2.
  • Apron 3: this is a parking area for General Aviation aircraft up to Code B (wingspan of between 15m and 24m). There are 9 parking stands in Apron 3.
  • Apron 4: this is an area for commercial and General Aviation aircraft up to code D (wingspan of between 36m and 52m), usually on long-stay. There are 5 stands here.
  • Apron 5: this is currently in disuse, but parking is available subject to M.I.A. concessions and limitations.
  • Apron 7: this is strictly a military apron, headquarters of the Air Wing of the Armed Forces of Malta.
  • Apron 8: this area is for commercial aircraft with short turnarounds (less than 1 day). There are 6 stands in Apron 8. Five stands may be allocated to Code C aircraft while one stand can be allocated to a code D aircraft.
  • Apron 9: this is the main apron for commercial aircraft up to code F (wingspan of between 65m and 80m). There are 24 parking stands, which can accommodate 14 to 18 aircraft at any time depending on their size. Special arrangements are required to accommodate up to 4 Code E aircraft ( 52m to 65m wingspan) and up to 2 Code F aircraft due to taxiing clearance restrictions.

There are several other organisations in Malta that can provide parking and hangar space.

There are also a number of organisations providing ground handling services.

Aircraft Landing and Parking Charges


Landing Charges

Landing Charges are assessed on the basis of the maximum permitted weight authorised by the Certificate of Airworthiness (MTOW). Charges will be assessed in accordance with the following schedule:

Fixed wing aircraft:

For a MTOW not exceeding 12,000kgs:

€ 1.33 per 500 kg or part thereof.

For a MTOW exceeding 12,000kgs:

Fixed Charge: €30.98

Variable Charge: € 1.89 per 500 kg or part thereof in excess of 12,000 kgs.


50% of the standard charge for fixed wing aircraft of similar weight applies.

Tariffs are not applicable for Helicopter Services between Malta International Airport and Gozo Heliport.

Night Charge

In the case of landing and/or take-off at night, the charges are increased by 25%.


A special rate of 25% of the standard landing fee may be applied for a flight or flights out for the sole purpose of the training or testing of flying personnel and/or special equipment in an aircraft.


Parking Charges

The fees for the parking of aircraft are assessed on the basis of the space occupied – i.e. the product of the span of the aircraft and its maximum length. The minimum parking charge is €0.77. The standard charge for each period of 24 hours or part thereof of any period exceeding 6 hours will be assessed in accordance with the following schedule:

For a MTOW not exceeding 2,500kgs:

€0.77 for each 24 hour period or part thereof exceeding 6 hours.

For a MTOW exceeding 2,500kgs:

€0.10 per 10 square metres of space occupied or part thereof, for each 24 hours period or part thereof exceeding 6 hours.